Implementation of wastewater and treatment plants

Implementation of wastewater and treatment plants

Concerning urban wastewater treatment was adopted on 21 May 1991. Its objective is to protect the environment from the adverse effects of discharges and discharges from certain industrial sectors and concerns the collection, treatment and discharge of: 

  • Domestic wastewater
  • Mixture of wastewater
  • Wastewater from certain industrial sectors 

Specifically the Directive requires:

  • The Collection and treatment of wastewater in all agglomerations of >2000 population equivalents (p.e.).
  • Where the establishment of a collecting system is not justified either because it would produce no environmental benefit or because it would involve excessive costs, individual systems or other appropriate systems which achieve the same level of environmental protection will be used.
  • Secondary treatment of all discharges from agglomerations of > 2,000 p.e., and more advanced treatment for agglomerations >10,000 population equivalents in designated sensitive areas and their catchments.
  • A requirement for pre-authorisation of all discharges of urban wastewater, of discharges from the food-processing industry and of industrial discharges into urban wastewater collection systems.
  • Monitoring of the performance of treatment plants and receiving waters.
  • Controls of sewage sludge disposal and reuse, and treated wastewater reuse whenever appropriate.

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